July 29, 2020

Mobile ID

Your phone is a key

Your smartphone is not only a phone, but also a universal mini-computer, photo and videocamera, maps and navigation, mail, personal banking. And now also very convenient and universal means of access – electronic key.


  • Always with you
  • It is convenient to use it absolutely everywhere: from parking
    to the hotel
  • Identification and access to the contents of the smartphone only by fingerprint or code
  • User-friendly and simple user interface
  • Access to the premises without cards
  • Each U-Prox ID is attached to a mobile device
  • Enough memory and processing power for complex cryptographic algorithms
  • Works over 2.4 GHz radio or NFC
  • Works at distances of 0.2 – 15 m over 2.4 GHz radio
  • Secure connection to the controller
  • Multiple keys in one phone


Licensing system. QR codes


Licensing system with U-Prox Desktop