July 29, 2020

Integration API

Open formats such as JSON and XML allow to interact between various applications, to exchange data with the ACS and create applications that supplement and expand standard functionality of the U-Prox Web system.


API capabilities:

Secure data exchange over a network.

WEB service enable interaction with any platform and SOAP
programming environment.

Implementing the User Interface using API.

Ability to integrate with other systems and applications that
are implemented by third-party developers.


HTML examples:

Authenticate.html – service connection example using JavaScript and Angular

EventGetList.html – real time events receive using JavaScript, Angular and signalR


How to use examples:
1. Download installation ISO
2. Install U-Prox IP Server
3. Install U-Prox Web Server
4. Download and execute/open demo files



Beta version of the API documentation (in progress) – contains a description of the operations for connecting to the Web service and receiving events

Html examples

C# examples