July 26, 2020

U-Prox WEB

New generation of access control system

Based on the high standards of quality and safety, we present innovative solutions that provide convenience and simplicity in using access control systems with an optimal level of safety.

WEB, IP, cloud and wireless technologies made it possible to create advanced products with the highest quality at a reasonable price.

U-Prox WEB provides a full range of solutions for quick installation, configuration and daily use of IP ACS by enterprises of any size, from a small office to a large company with many branches.

Where does it work?

The system allows you to solve tasks related to access control management to any object: office, hotel, bank, educational institution, storehouse, factory, large enterprise.

Web Application of ACS

U-Prox Web has a full-featured web interface with fine-tuning of all ACS capabilities and provides monitoring, adjusting equipment, managing personel access, forming reports.

Administrator workplace

It has a full-featured interface for fine-tuning of system operators access rights, door management and updating controllers’ firmware.

Installor workplace

It allows to add in the system new network devices, to monitor their status and firmware versions, to configure and control doors, turnstiles and elevators.

Security workplace

It allows to online supervise for activity in the system, to conduct photo-verification. It provides possibility of doors control and unlock in case of emergency.

Personnel workplace

It allows to configure the enterprise structure, to create employees groups, to provide them with access to particular rooms, to issue identifiers and delete them, to form schedules for employees groups, and for particular individuals.

Pass Office workplace

It allows adding and editing departments, employees, working with identifiers, mobile IDs, deactivating visitors, employee searching by ID and determining his location.

Reports workplace

It allows generating reports on the state of system, events, staff and visitors, as well as accounting working hours.

Windows client software

U-Prox WEB has windows ACS client software for fine tuning the access control system

Hardware requirements

Minimal requirements:

Processor Memory Storage free space (HDD) Monitor Network OS
Intel Core i3 or AMD, 2 GHz or higher 4096 MB from 4 GB 1280×1024, high 16bit 100Mbit Fast Ethernet, TCP/IP Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2016 Server, Windows 2019 Server