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Для работы с видеорегистраторами Hikvision и ПО «U-Prox IP» используется SDK-инструментарий, предоставляемый компанией Hikvision.
В описании SDK заявлена поддержка:

1. Encoders or decoders
NVR: DS-9600, DS-9500, DS-7700, DS-7600 series;
HDVR: DS-9000, DS-8000-ST, DS-7600 series;
DVR: DS-9100, DS-8100, DS-8000-S, DS-8800, DS-7800, DS-7300, DS-7200, DS-7100, DS-7000 series;
Encoder: DS-6600, DS-6500(-JX), DS-6100, DS-6401HFH, DS-6000 series;
Decoder: DS-6300D(-JX), DS-6400HD(-JX/-T), DS-6500D series
Remarks: including the model of -ST, -SH, -SE, -SN, -RT, -RH, -XT

2. IP cameras or IP speed domes
IPC: standard definition, high definition, the infrared, the thermal, e.g. DS-2CD7xx, DS-2CD71xx, DS-2CD72xx, DS-2CD8xx, DS-2CD81xx, DS-2CD82xx, DS-2CD84xx, DS-2CD83xx, DS-2CD20xx, DS-2CD21xx, DS-2CD22xx, DS-2CD23xx, DS-2CD26xx, DS-2CD30xx, DS-2CD31xx, DS-2CD32xx, DS-2CD33xx, DS-2CD40xx, DS-2CD41xx, DS-2CD42xx, DS-2CD62xx, and so on
IPD: standard definition, high definition, the infrared, e.g. DS-2DE71xx, DS-2DM72xx, DS-2DF72xx, DS-2DF1-7xx, DS-2DF1-6xx, DS-2DE51xx, DS-2DM52xx, DS-2DF52xx, DS-2DF1-5xx, DS-2DF1-4xx, DS-2DM1-7xx, DS-2DM1-6xx, DS-2DM1-5xx, and so on
Zoom camera: DS-2DZ216MF, DS-2DZ2116, DS-2ZCN2006, DS-2ZCN2007, DS-2ZMN2007, DS-2ZMN2006, and so on
Intelligent traffic camera: (i)DS-2CD91xx、DS-2CD9xx, and so on

3. Intelligent devices
Behavior analysis, ATM protection, automatic tracking, passenger flow counting, face recognition, intelligent traffic event, and so on

4. Other IP devices
CVR, Alarm host, Multi-screen controller , IP module, and so on

Because some function of SDK has been extended, and firmware of device is also updated. To be convenient for explanation, we classify device into two classes: the devices such as DS-7116, DS-81xx, DS-90xx, DS-91xx, DS-95xx, DS-96xx are called device supports V3.0 above, the devices such as DS-80xx, IPC are called devices supports V3.0 below.

Функции видеонаблюдения за точкой прохода (непрерывное видеонаблюдение, видеоверификация событий и просмотр видеоархива), должны работать с этими устройствами.