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Free software to all

Free software with no restrictions on identifiers, devices and functionality.

U-Prox Web

Fully functional WEB applications focused on the most frequently used functions (workplaces).

API for integration

Easy integration with third-party applications and services using the JSON protocol

Mobile identification

You can use a smartphone as a pass (ID, card) with Smartline readers

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IP control panels

U–Prox series access control panels are designed to work in any computer networks, both Ethernet (wired) and Wi-Fi (wireless). The technical solutions used in the controllers provide a reliable and secure connection both in the local network and via the Internet, and allow you to create distributed access control systems.

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Wireless locks

The system of wireless locks, in contrast to a set of autonomous locks, provides full control, management and receiving operational information about the access and movement of employees. Access controllers are installed instead of door handle covers to conventional locks and are an “all-in-one” device, which minimizes the cost of related devices (locks, readers, wires, etc.)

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Antipassback control panel

The hardware solution unites access controllers over a computer network into a single system designed to track the movement of employees from room to room and violations, such as: antipassback, using duplicate cards, unexpected appearance inside, transferring the identifier to others, etc.

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Elevator control panel

Provides access to floors in accordance with the rights of the presented identifier, and sends a notification to the ACS about access to the floor after pressing a button on the floor selection panel in the elevator; Provides access remotely to the floor, both at the command of the ACS operator, and by triggering the input loop.

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Photo verification and video surveillance

Real-time display of a window containing information about an access event that has occurred, including a photo of an employee and video from a camera. Viewing live video and working with video archive. The classic client works with Line SVN, DVR and NVR: Pinetron, Partizan, Dahua, Hikvision

E-mail notification of alarm events

Allows to inform users quickly about access events of a specified category

Various time attendance reports

Time attendance from a simple arrival-leaving report to complex calculations based on work schedules with flexible schedules and exceptions (sick leave, vacation, business trip, etc.)

Additional windows client software

The Windows client for fine tuning the access control system

Installation CD